Lordy Ann de Vera

Hi, my name is Lordy Ann de Vera otherwise known as Ms. de Vera. The students call me "Ms. D." Personally, I like the latter.

Please don't get me wrong, I wear many hats and being a teacher isn't all that I am. I'm a loving daughter who comes from a family of educators. Being the eldest, I'm also a responsible sister who tries to balance being a good role model and a cool sibling.

As a Filipino who works abroad, I'm deeply rooted and proud of my lineage who tries hard to represent my country with excellence in all that I do. I'm also a happy, adopted daughter of the beautiful state of South Carolina, where I am grateful to be given a chance to flourish, learn some, and hopefully teach something worthwhile to  its beloved children, having been here two years running.

A graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education, major in Special Education, I am trained in handling children with exceptional needs with about seven years of experience. I'm honored to have graduated Cum Laude and to be a recipient of The Philippine Association for Teacher Education Medal of Honor to Top Graduates in Teacher Education. But more than the accolades, I am more privileged to be a product of Centro Escolar University from the Philippines, imbibed with the values of Ciencia Y Virtud (Science and Virtue) where we were taught that selfless service, passion for teaching and caring for our students are expected and required.

Recently, I learned to love reading books and is gearing up to a healthy lifestyle so I'm trying out kickboxing. I always enjoy travelling with my best buddies. And oh! I may not look like it, but I love hard rock music.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach me through
email: ldevera@marlboro.k12.sc.us or
phone: (843) 528 3262 ext 7584