Rona Cue

Hello, my name is Rona Cue

I am an Exceptional Children's' teacher at Blenheim.  I have been teaching for 17+ years and I love what I do. My classroom is not your typical classroom.  Any day you may find my kids cooking, playing a game of bowling or tennis or simply dancing!!!  But it's all in learning.  We like to keep it moving and keep it fun!

Truly a believer in the "non-traditional" classroom setting, my classroom can be anywhere in the building - the hall, the cafeteria, the gym, the foyer of the building etc..  Anytime you enter my room you may see bowling pins, hoola hoops, canned good, food, toy cars - you name it.  All of these things can be used to teach Math and/or Science.  You just have to be creative and stretch your imagination.

A simple activity where students are on teams and are tasked with building the tallest tower they can create from leggo blocks. Because the tower has to be free-standing, students have to really work together and incorporate their STEAM minds - science, technology, engineering, art and math.  It's not long before I begin to hear words like foundation, width, length.  And I know that learning is taking place but in a fun way! 

Please make the time to come by and check us out anytime.  Hey, you may even be fortunate to come by on a day were following a recipe - tacos, cupcakes, bread, spaghetti - and incorporating math and ELA! Who said learning can't taste good???!!!

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